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If it is your first visit please read this page. Please keep your dogs on a lead until you are in the field. Please screen shot if you can't access this page when you arrive.

Drive to the bottom of Neals Place RD and don't turn off, but

follow it onto this privet road:

keep dog on lead.png

You'll see a big gate with 'The Barn' written on, and a white

access post to the right hand side. You need to rive through this 

gate by putting the gate code in the white post on the right. 

The gate code is on your confirmation email:

kcjkpjcjpoc pkk.jpg

Enter the gate code (code is on your confirmation booking) into reader below and drive through the gate that says 'The Barn':

Please drive through the gate and park in the car parking

area where the green signs are in the picture below:

Once parked please walk down the woodchip path to the

dog field and through the green gate where the second

gate has a padlock on, with the code being on your

confirmation email:

There are 2 gates, the inner gate has a padlock (code is on your confirmation email) on with the second code (the padlock sometimes gets rusted/stuck with the rain, give it a tap to open/lock):

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